Waterbabies Classes

Waterbabies 6m+ 8:1 Ratio
Learning confidence in water and basic swimming movements, the waterbabies class is a fun class with songs and basic activities to make your child happy and confident going in and under the water.

Advanced Waterbabies 18m+ 8:1 Ratio
Continuing confidence in water, starting to wear goggles, initiating going under the water/looking into the water by themselves. A few more advanced activities than the basic waterbabies class.

Goldfish 2½ + 4:1 Ratio
Starting to learn more skills with parents in the water but begining the process of independance in the water. Activities are designed to start with parent/teacher and moving to teacher only as a transition into being in a class independant from parents. By the end of the class students should be wearing goggles, happy by themselves, and kicking with equipment comfortably.

If your child is more advanced please go to learn to swim lessons

Waterbabies - Advanced Waterbabies:
$15 per lesson in block

e.g. 4 Week Month - $60
5 Week Month - $75

$17 for a casual lesson*

$19 per lesson in block

e.g. 4 Week Month - $76
5 Week Month - $95

$21 for a casual lesson*

*Casual lessons can only be made a week in advance.
We cannot guarantee the same time will be available each week.